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16 - 18
Jul 2024
Landmark Center, Lagos,

Compack Nigeria – Overview

COMPACK Nigeria stands as a global trade fair meticulously crafted to address the international imperative of deepening market penetration in Nigeria. The packaging industry in Nigeria represents a swiftly burgeoning sector of paramount importance to the country's economy. It encompasses diverse sub-sectors, including food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, plastic packaging, and corrugated packaging. Nigeria boasts a substantial consumer market, propelling the demand for packaging materials. The industry's growth is further driven by rising urbanization and evolving consumer preferences. Additionally, the surge in e-commerce activities necessitates packaging solutions for shipping and delivery. Within the Nigerian packaging industry, the food packaging sub-sector emerges as one of the largest segments, driven by a burgeoning middle class and evolving lifestyles.

COMPACK Nigeria aims to bridge the vast ocean of opportunities that Nigeria presents for both domestic and international businesses.


Several compelling reasons beckon exhibitors to consider active participation in COMPACK Nigeria:

Market Potential

Nigeria is home to a burgeoning and expanding consumer market, with a population exceeding 200 million. This offers exhibitors a substantial platform to showcase their products and services to a wide and diverse customer base.

Market Research

Participating in COMPACK Nigeria equips exhibitors with profound insights into the local market dynamics, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the needs and preferences of Nigerian consumers. This, in turn, facilitates the customization of products and services to effectively cater to the Nigerian market.

Brand Visibility

Exhibition at COMPACK Nigeria enhances exhibitors' brand visibility, fostering heightened brand awareness and recognition among Nigerian consumers. This, in turn, can translate into amplified sales and business prospects.

Competitive Advantage

COMPACK Nigeria empowers exhibitors to gain a competitive edge by presenting their products and services to potential customers, effectively setting them apart from competitors.