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Oct 2024


With 8 successful editions, COMPLAST Kenya is all set to mark an even even better success rate in 2024. The Kenyan government has recognized the importance of the plastic industry and has provided support through policies and incentives. This favorable business environment creates a conducive atmosphere for companies to grow their businesses and explore new opportunities in the market.

COMPLAST Kenya includes seminars, workshops, and panel discussions that provide valuable insights into market trends, regulations, and best practices in the plastic industry. This educational component can help companies stay updated and informed about the industry's latest developments.

This exhibition is a premier platform for manufacturers, suppliers, traders, and service providers in the plastics and other allied industries to showcase their Machinery, products and services to potential customers from various sectors. The exhibition covers a wide range of products and services, including raw materials, machinery and equipment, finished products, and services such as recycling, testing, and certification.

Exhibiting at COMPLAST Kenya offers a unique opportunity for international businesses to access the East African market, which is a region with a population of over 350 million people. Kenya, as the largest economy in the region, is considered the gateway to East Africa and serves as a hub for trade and investment.


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The East African market, particularly Kenya, presents immense potential for growth in the plastics industry, making it an ideal location for exhibitions such as COMPLAST Kenya. Here are a few factors contributing to the potential of the East African market:

Rapidly growing population

The population of East Africa, including Kenya, is growing rapidly, which can lead to increased demand for plastics in various sectors such as construction, packaging, and consumer goods. This creates a vast consumer base for the plastics industry, providing ample opportunities for growth.


Many countries in East Africa, including Kenya, heavily rely on imported plastics, which presents a great opportunity for local production and manufacturing.

Economic growth

East Africa is experiencing steady economic growth, which can lead to increased demand for plastics in various sectors such as construction, packaging, and consumer goods. As a result, the plastics industry in East Africa is projected to expand significantly in the coming years.

Infrastructure development

Governments in East Africa, including Kenya, are investing heavily in infrastructure development, such as improved transportation and power supply, making it easier for the plastics industry to expand.

Government support

The Kenyan government has been providing more support for the plastics industry, which can help businesses to grow and compete with international companies. The government has introduced incentives such as tax breaks and subsidies to encourage investment in the sector.

Investment opportunities

The plastics industry in East Africa presents numerous investment opportunities, as the market is still relatively untapped, and there is significant potential for growth.

Opportunities in Recycling

There is a growing concern regarding the disposal of plastics in East Africa, creating an opportunity for investment in recycling and waste management infrastructure. This not only promotes a sustainable growth in the industry but also creates jobs in the sector.

Increasing demand in various sectors

The increasing demand for plastics in various sectors such as construction, packaging, and consumer goods can also lead to job creation in the region, contributing to the economic growth of the country.