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16 - 18
Jul 2024
Landmark Centre,


Welcome to the second edition of COMPLAST Nigeria, the premier exhibition for the plastics and related industries in West Africa. This event will take place from July 16 - 18, 2024, at the prestigious Landmark Centre in Lagos.

COMPLAST Nigeria serves as a unique platform covers a wide array of offerings, including raw materials, machinery, finished products, and services like recycling, testing, and certification.

The inaugural edition of COMPLAST Nigeria was a remarkable success, drawing over 100 exhibitors and more than 4,000 visitors from Nigeria and beyond. It offered international businesses a valuable opportunity to access the Nigerian market, the largest in Africa with a population exceeding 200 million.

The second edition of COMPLAST Nigeria promises to surpass its predecessor in scale and impact. The exhibition provides a platform for exhibitors to present their latest products and services to potential customers across various sectors, including packaging, automotive, construction, healthcare, and electronics.


From a plastics industry perspective, Nigeria stands as a compelling destination for various reasons:

Market Potential

Nigeria boasts the largest population in Africa, with over 200 million people. This demographic strength translates into substantial market demand for plastics and related products across various sectors.

Rising Local Production

Nigeria has witnessed a significant increase in local plastics production, driven by factors such as population growth, urbanization, and industrialization. The demand for plastics in packaging, construction, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors has surged, fostering a robust domestic market.

Packaging Dominance

Plastics play a pivotal role in Nigeria's packaging sector. With a growing middle-class population, packaged goods have become increasingly popular. Plastics, particularly flexible packaging materials, are the preferred choice for food, beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals due to their cost-effectiveness and durability.

Economic Growth

Nigeria's economy is characterized by steady growth, offering a fertile ground for industry expansion. The plastics industry can leverage this economic dynamism for increased sales and business development.

Government Initiatives

The Nigerian government has initiated policies to promote local plastics manufacturing and reduce imports. Incentives, such as tariff reductions on machinery and raw materials, aim to boost the domestic plastics industry.

Industrial Advancements

The country has been making strides in industrialization, including the development of manufacturing sectors that rely on plastics for packaging, construction, automotive, and more. This creates a robust demand for plastics products.

Strategic Location

Nigeria's strategic location in West Africa makes it a gateway to neighboring countries, expanding the reach of plastics manufacturers and suppliers to a broader regional market.